How do I pay for an autograph?

Autograph prices are not included in your ticket price. All autographs are paid for on the day at the guest’s table. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept cash for autograph payments.

Can I have a personalised autograph?

Yes – most guests are happy to personalise autographs provided they have time.

Can I get a selfie with a guest?

Many guests are happy to take a selfie with you when you buy an autograph. If you are not buying an autograph, some guests will charge for a selfie – this is done at the discretion of the guest and their management.

Can I get a personal item signed?

Yes, you can choose to have a personal item signed if you prefer. In most cases, this will be the same price as a standard autograph, but in some cases, guests may choose to charge more for certain items – wrestling guests often charge more for signing wrestling belts, for example. If we are aware of any restrictions or price differences before the event, you’ll be able to see them on our autograph price list.


£5 / fee + autograph price

Can’t attend the event but still want something signed by one of our guests? You don’t have to miss out – our autograph send-in service is available for all guests attending the show.

How it works:
1. Contact the team on
2. Send in the item you’d like signed – make sure it arrives a minimum of 5 working days before the show!
3. Your item will be returned to you via post after the event.


You’ll pay the price of the autograph plus an additional £5 per autographed item to cover handling fees and P&P.
For example, if you send 2 items to be signed by Guest A (£20 per autograph) and 1 item to be signed by Guest B (£15 per autograph), the total cost to you will be £70 (£55 for the autographs, £15 handling and shipping).
Please note that the cost of sending the item to us is not covered in the fees mentioned above.