Where do Q&A sessions take place?

All Q&A sessions take place in our Q&A hall – it’ll be marked clearly on the site map when it becomes available, but you can ask a crew member if you get a little lost.

Do I need a ticket?

No – you don’t need a ticket for any of our Q&A sessions and they’re all free to enter. Just arrive at the Q&A hall about five minutes before the start time of whichever Q&A session you’re interested in and wait to be seated.

Can I reserve a seat?

Priority seating (usually the first two rows) is reserved for VIP ticket holders. Unfortunately we cannot reserve seats for standard or early bird ticket holders.

How do I ask a question?

Asking a question in one of our Q&A sessions is super easy – just raise your hand!

Do I have to leave the Q&A hall between sessions?

If the gap between two Q&A sessions is less than 15 minutes, you can stay in the Q&A hall. If the gap is any longer, the hall has to be cleared and you will be asked to leave.